Bonsai Trees & Plants

The graceful bonsai is the embodiment of an ancient art form in perfect miniature. Each is a unique treasure, sculpted to highlight its natural beauty and express a timeless tradition.

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A graceful bonsai tree is a sophisticated and elegant gift suitable for a variety of occasions. From birthdays to housewarmings and all the special days in between, a gift of beauty and natural art is always appreciated!

A Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Bonsai and topiary plants are a unique present they will cherish well after the fun festivities and lively parties have ended. Many take pride in maintaining their bonsai from apex to root or clipping the unique shape of their topiary. The rich history surrounding the precious bonsai and topiary only contributes to the depth and impressive nature of the gift.

If your special someone is new to the beautiful world of bonsai or topiary, consider helping them learn how to care for their treasure. A starter kit with all the necessary tools needed to care for their growing gift will be just as thoughtful as the beautiful plant itself.

Bonsai Trees

1-800-FLOWERS.COM® provides a variety of gorgeous bonsai in the deciduous, evergreen, flowering, or fruiting species. Whether they are a formal upright, informal upright, or broom, a bonsai is thoughtful gift that is a true expression of art, skill, and patience.

When you are ready to send a gift of true elegance, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® can help you send a bonsai tree to celebrate all of life's special occasions.

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